Spirits Story Part 2

And it wasn't unexpected, as the Princess warning before, after recovering the goblin immediately turned against them. He didn't want to leave, and he even captured and detained Tina. It's really warm here with full of fluid. Why do I have to go out there and experience the cold winter? Be obedient. Serve me or you will be crushed. Don't use your power to bully others or I will punish you when I'm back to normal. Really. That day will never come to me. Quickly prepare. A lot. Of soup for me. That situation reminded the Prince about all the things he had done before, and he could feel the anger and the helpless feelings of the one who had been bullied by him. Without resigning, the Prince found a way to kick the goblin out. Hmm. Hmm. This, yeah. You. What are you doing? Deluxe or wet? So from now on, every time I fire the stove and it will cost much smoke if you. You cannot set it. Just leave. It here. The goblin was contemptuous. And boost strongly. Then the smoke was clear. Not giving up, the Prince found many other ways to chase the goblin away. Hmm. Hmm. Hey, yeah. Ohh yeah. But he could do nothing to the goblin. One day, Brian found a really strange Clover. Hmm. When the goblin was sound asleep, the Prince went to ask Tina. This is passed with strong anesthesia, but it has just a little effect with the goblin. We won't know if we don't try. But he is really cunning. He always forces you to try all the Food First. How can we use it? All right, I found a way. As usual, seeing the Prince tried the food without any problem. The goblin quickly devoured everything, taking the chance, the Prince quick to use a handful of powder which had been grinded before to put in the pot of soup without letting the goblin know it. After eating the whole pot of soup, he immediately collapsed. The Prince quickly rescued Tina and together they brought the goblin out of the house before he woke up. Suddenly the goblin woke up, knocked A2 out far away. What? In the most dangerous moment, Ryan realized that he was standing near an anemone. It turned out that the winter had passed already. He immediately bit on an anemone flower. Immediately the Prince was back to his normal shape. With the big and strong body, the Prince easily kicked the goblin far away by its own leg. Hmm. Tina, Tina. So lucky you're still all right about that goblin. I'm afraid that he will come back. I will order people to come here and protect you. Another actually, this oak is a gate to enter my house. I will move it to another place, then that goblin will not be able to find me. So I won't be able to find you, right? The place where I live will have a Violet anemone flower. Lee. For the days being with Tina, the Prince learned a lesson for himself. From that moment, he wouldn't be arrogant and bully others anymore. Sometimes he went to the forest to find the place which had a Violet flower and left a little gift there for Tina. Why? Fairy tales.

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