Scary Story - Part 2

In the deepest part of the Old Forest there was a village. All the most powerful spells that fairy tales could have created. Making flowers blue. Making flowers fade. Huh. Making sun, rain, rainbows and well, pretty cool stuff like that. Ohh, I'm Ethan, a high-ranking fairy assigned to Train 4 future preschoolers. Today was my first day on the job. Well, the foremost exemplary students must have been eager to meet me. Can anyone explain to me what's going on? No, nothing. We didn't mean to do that. From that moment it seemed that things were not as simple as I thought, and that it was. And that's the principle that elements create a balance of power. Do you understand? I was sure you did not. Umm. Teacher Ethan, I have a question. Well done, they say it boldly. About the lesson I understand roughly, but despite winter howl, it's a flame of love. The flame in my heart is for you, teacher. You. Stop with your childish full faith. Mr. Ethan doesn't like those empty hot headed people. Surely you will like gentle people right? Like what to like? I'm your teacher. You are so unscrupulous. The girls in this forest all like you. Even that girl who pretends to do her own thing but still listens with her ears up. It's no exception. It's not that. Come on, can we get back to the lesson? I would be so grateful if the three of you can be as serious as graw. Are you writing the lesson, GRA? Name 100 times already. Now I understood why instead of being placed in the elite class, these four girls had to sit in this special class. Are you really not interested in learning? I see you all have qualities. It's no use, teacher. What's the point of studying when they see us as failures anyway? Before you came, we were already isolated. Don't give up. Today we don't study books anymore. Everyone follow me. There was no normal way to teach these abnormal young fairies. It was time for me to use my magic. Wow. What can we do to help? This? Bunny Air goes first. You seem the most excited. Huh. Why me? Well, I don't know. I don't need to eat anything anyway. Probably rabbits too. Oh, my. Use your brain air creatures, of course, can't be like you. Come on, draw. Can you use your power to create grass for rabbit? Yes. Joe. Hmm. Loser. That's OK. So Ward a little water to quench your rabbit's thirst. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Teacher Ethan I'm always ready. I'm sorry, I messed up a bit. Stop pretending. What are you saying? They it's your turn. Can you give me a little fire? I'm going to freeze. A piece of cake. Get it? If you can't do anything, please don't destroy it. Well, it's alright. It's already late. See you here tomorrow. The next day all four fairies were present, waiting for a long time, but I still did not come. They all looked extremely impatient. Suddenly they saw a huge eagle in the sky. Big. It's grabbing something. Oh my God, they are fairies. They're in that huge mesh bag. They've all been taken away. Let's follow it. One by one, they used their powers to bring down the eagle, but none of their efforts worked. And the Eagles still swam over with ease. The fire will spread and burn the forest. After trying to chase the ego and got to the castle. The four discovered that the eagle was me. Their teacher, Ethan, turned into air was the fastest ferry. She rushed forward without hesitation, but she was immediately caught. Teacher Ethan, this test is a bit overkill. Warning all back, teacher Ethan is hypnotized. The three fairies quickly understood the problem. They joined forces to rest. They joined forces to rescue air and three me from the hypnosis. I was so careless. Guys, hurry up. There are a lot of fairies being captured. Under my direction, all of them entered a large room where the other fairies were kept. Finally, I can't wait for the day to take over the entire fairy. Race, don't rejoice so early God will. Definitely. Send people to oppose you and. Save us. All those who oppose me are hypnotized. Tell me who? Who will be here to save you? We are. God, can you send someone else? We're done. We're done. You're going to disappear and you still dare to look down on us. Watch this. Each person subsequent efforts quickly defeated by the Dark Fairy. That's enough playing. You little brats are starting to make me lose patience. At this point, when the four fairies did not know how to avoid it, I had no other choice but to fly out to walk the attack like a savior. You are the best fairies I've ever taught, but that's not enough. Remember, when you rescue me from hypnosis, Unity will bring you success. For fairies looked at each other, they had figured out the only way to save the fairy race, starting with the Earth Fare. Graw raised a shield to block the spell, and she tried to prevent the opponent from escaping. Hey, look at me. It's our turn. We will let you know how the power of combination is. You know what to do, right? What? Both. Ah, let me go. With a skillful combination of powers, soon succeeded in defeating the Dark Fairy. You have all done a great job. However, I wonder if you heroic fairies have forgotten anything. Turns out the tied fate of the fairies were untied by my students. Hmm. Ohh I'm so tired. It seems that the cage can't be opened. Or should we send work to God to ask him to send other people to help everyone? Come on, air. We really don't know what to say. Whether it's thank you or sorry, it's really embarrassing. If it weren't for you, the fairies really wouldn't know what would happen. It's redundant, but we hope you can let it all go. We sincerely hope to be good friends with you again. So our class of four is probably not a special class anymore, right? Of course. See how happy you guys are. Teacher. I know you can do it. You see, the strength of Unity will help us overcome all difficulties. Teacher, I remember you told us earlier that we were the best fairies you ever taught. Is it true? Of course, so far I've only taught you for fairies. Why not the best? Fraud. We have successfully defeated the Dark Fairy. Surely a great teacher like Mr. Ethan will have a reward for us. Oh yes. The reward is that tomorrow's class will be pushed one hour early. Come back. You still owe me homework on how to take care of rabbits. Impossible. We shouldn't have freed you from being hypnotized. Since then, I didn't know of my class has become less individualized, but I was sure it would be a lot more headache because the four of them now were able to unite to tease their teacher even more. Ohh wait, is it truly happened while I was fainted

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