Romantic Story - Part 2

She took Flynn away. What do you say? Helen is freed. I I only went to the forbidden land of death to make a wish. But who would have thought about the elder side, looking at Rosie's wounds and gently use healing magic for her? Actually, Helen is my sister, but she blindly followed the dark power, using people's negative emotions to build her strength. I did not mercilessly eliminate Helen, but locked her at the bottom of the lake. Then please let me know how to find Helen and win her over to correct my mistakes. This is the power gem. It will help you defeat Helen. It will need the strength of your love and your inner strengths to activate the power of this gem. I'll definitely do it, but where should I find Helen? This is the place where Helen is hiding. Hurry to get there before Helen successfully practices magic. If not, Flynn would be extremely dangerous. Rosie bowed her head to thank the elder, and then she took the gem to rescue Flint. At that time in the swamp the witch, Helen was consistently transferring the power of darkness to control and change Flynn. Poor Flynn. That selfish Rosie has abandoned you and ran away. She only loves herself, always doing whatever she wants, regardless of your feelings. No way. Rosie will definitely come and save me. You trusted her blindly. Rosie is never going here. She had found a new love. That's impossible. The love and trust in Flynn weaken and gradually turn into anger and despair, making Helen extremely happy, and her strength also increased when Rosie overcame many difficulties to reach the end of Harrah swamp. Flynn was completely conquered by Helen Flynn. I'm here to save you. Sorry, you're drooling. Now let's see the strength of your love. Lynn quickly destroy Rosie. What? How does it feel to be destroyed by the person you love, Roxy. No way. Flynn, please look at me. I'm Rosie, the one you love. Flynn. Flynn, please look at me. Just once. Screaming in the vape, Flynn's eyes were still lifeless. The Magic gem in Rose's body fell to the ground. She quickly grabbed the gem and shown it that the witch, the bright light from the gem, scared the witch. She fired spells at Flynn and controlled him. Rosie, please throw the gem away. It hurts me. It hurts. What should I do when I don't want you to suffer at all? Because of the one I love, I. I lost my only chance to eliminate the evil witch. Glenda looked at rosies fermented eyes, as if his eyes were shining with love. He slowly walked up to her and pulled softly. My Rosie. Helen, seeing this, panicked and used magic to fascinate Glenn. She would just tacting. She deserves it for leaving you. Rosie looked at Flynn's eyes and felt his love, so she was very emotional and rushed to Flynn and hugged him. You recognize me, don't you? You Remember Me, don't you? We were hand in hand and made a wish in the Forbidden Lake that you would have always protected me, Flynn. I love you. The kiss from that intense, pure love awakened Flynn and freed him from the dark magic of the witch. Helen got up and used all her strength to shoot magic at the two of them both. Their love created an incomparable power that blocked all spells. The Broken Gem was also healed by the power of Flynn and Rosie's love, and then shone with a dazzling light that burned Helen in an instant. Hmm. The two returned to the fairyland and gave the gem back to the elder. They were agreed to hold the wedding carefully by the elder. On the day of the wedding, the elder gave the Magic gem to Flynn and Rosie because it was proof of their love. Why fairy tales?

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