Moms Story - Part 2

I have to find another way. The Princess quickly looked around and saw the fine switch hang firmly on the tree. That's it. Up. My savior is here. She immediately grabbed the vines and combined them like Annette. Then she swung to the back, making all the guards stuck in. Those lines. After that, she quickly ran away running for a while and totally lost them. She was bewildered. She didn't know where to go to find her father. Wandering around the jungle until God exhausted, she collapsed and fell asleep. In her dream, she recalled the happy days when her father was riding a horse and took her to a beautiful valley with full of flowers. Then she suddenly woke up. Right. How could I forget that Flower valley? I have to go there immediately. Maybe Father is there. Thinking that she was about to find her father, the Princess was so happy until she reached the valley. Father, I'm your beloved Malia. If you're here, please come here to see me. I miss you so much. She kept calling, but she could see her father nowhere. Suddenly, a monster appeared and attacked her. She ran away in panic. But she was cornered. The monster erased his squad. To finish her, she drew her sword, intending to stab him, but she saw that his neck was seized by a necklace, and he looked really painful. She decided to use her sword to cut off the necklace. The light lifted the monster up and turned him into her father. They hugged each other and cried in happiness. Ah. Malia, I should have listened to you. The queen is really a cruel witch. She casted a spell on the necklace and gave it to me. After wearing the necklace, my whole body was painful and I was turned into a ferocious monster, making me so astonished at that time. My last recent brought me here, staying away from the world for not letting anyone see me in this appearance, and also for not harming the innocent people. I'm sorry for not believing and protecting you. Father, I will never blame you and you don't need to blame yourself. Both of them seemed really happy when seeing each other, but the witch suddenly appeared. She used her magic power to attack Malia, saying that the king rushed there to cover her and got seriously injured. Malia angrily fought against the Witch, but she was quickly knocked out far away. Oh, what a touching fatherhood. I was your mother's friend since Wheeler magic, I also tried my best. But why did your mother become more and more beautiful with the love of everyone? Meanwhile, I had to live in an ugly appearance and was isolated by everyone. She even stole the one who I secretly love from me. I am not content. I have to destroy her happiness, making her disappear from my vision. And you all should go with her. Don't fool yourself. I didn't love you and never love you. I only love her. She didn't steal anything from you. Malia was so astonished, even being seriously injured, she tried to rush there, to hug her further and to protect him. While the magic power was heading towards them, the pin on her hair suddenly shone bright. It looked like her mother appeared. She stretched out her hands to hug both of them. An enormous power knocks at the wedge out far away, making her exhausted, and Malia's father was also recovered. After defeating the Witch, the king ordered his people to put her into a dark dungeon forever. Since then, they lived a peaceful life together forever after.

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