Handsome Story - Part 2

Girls, together we will defeat him. Is that OK? So they carefully planned to defeat the devil. When the servant brought milk to her, keva find the way to distract the servant and poured the milk out. Huh. Huh. Then she went to bed as usual. At midnight, the devil appeared again at her room. Keval was all awake so she could feel the stink from the devil's well-being sucked of her life spirit. Keva was really tired, but she stayed still and bore it. Hmm. After the devil left, Jacob secretly followed him. Hmm. To the room he saw the key lying on the box, so he predicted that the devil had been inside that box. Without hesitation, he entered the room to destroy the box. Unfortunately, when he just touched the box, he was knocked out far away immediately. I'm just a weak human wants to mess with me. You will have no chance to see the sunlight tomorrow. Suddenly, he felt his body hotter and hotter. At that moment he realized that Keva had been there, and she was burning the box. The devil intended to rush there to stop Keva, but Jacob used all of his strength to prevent him. Taking for a while, the devil could finally escape from Jacob. Immediately he knocked Keva out far away from the box, but it was too late. The box caught fire and started burning. The Devil screamed painfully. When the box was burned into dust, the devil also vanished. Losing too much life spirit along with the critical hip from the Devil, Kevin's breath got weaker and weaker. Giva. Huh. Are you OK? After being in the palace, I was so regretful for leaving you there. I just wish that if I had the chance, if you still cared about me, we would be able to live a peaceful life together. Give up. You will be all right, I promise, to protect you for the rest of this. Life thank you. No. Give up. No. Suddenly, the king appeared. He quickly put the orb on Kevin's body. Miraculously, the ORB helped Keva gradually regain her life. After that, for showing his gratitude, the king held a solemn party to invite them. For being suitable with the party, Jacob had to go bathing and wear new clothes which were prepared for him by the king. At that moment, everyone was so astonished to realize that Jacob looked exactly like the Prince that the devil had disguised into thinking of something. The king immediately came to Jacob and rolled up his sleeve. Jacob. What did you have this birthmark? I don't know. I thought that it was a dirt stain, but I couldn't clean it. Jacob is my last son. The devil stole your identity. Then he would look exactly like you. Ah. You have been in dirt all the time, so no one have seen your face clearly. Hmm. Jacob, I have missed you so much. From now on, stay here in the royal palace with me. Is that OK? Yes, for for the king. But I have one thing to ask for your permission. Just tell me. Hmm. Keva. Will you agree to stay here with me? But I'm afraid that I'm not worth with a Prince. I'm just a greedy girl. That was Kevlar of the old days. Since you decided to stay here to defeat the devil and save everyone, you became a brave and kind girl. What's not worth with that? After hearing so, Keval felt relieved and agreed to stay with him. A grand wedding was solemnly held a few days later with the blessings of everyone, and they lived happily together from then on.

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