Flower Story - Part 2

Listen, I expected, I'm afraid that I won't be able to get through the chimney. Akina Venus you should follow to help Mr. Sanna. But if you can help Mr. Santa complete the work, I won't give you any punishment for the things happened today. Yes, chief. The two families followed Santa Claus to have the presence for the humans. I should have had a peaceful winter holiday. Who is to blame if you didn't sabotage the thing would never happen like that. Come on, it's time to do our work. While Santa is reading the list of the children who would be able to receive the. Presents. The two theories have been listened to send those presents to the house by its chimney. At first, this work was so hard that made it really difficult for them to do it. What's that? Huh. Huh. However, after a few times they could combine well with each other. After the last kid could receive the present and the sun was also shining. Venus suddenly realized that there were still two presents in the bag. Oh no. There are still two presents left. We didn't make it. Hmm. No, they are the presents for the two of you. I also have a present. Of course, I have been bringing you a present every year. But for years I haven't received any present, so I thought that you forgot me. It's really weird. So that's why you hated Christmas and all those dusted Christmas stuffs really belong to you. Huh. Umm. I'm really sorry for suspecting you. I'm also sorry for breaking all of your signal lights, because I was so jealous with you who could receive the present, but I hadn't had that things, so I didn't want Mr. Sanna to come here. Huh. Huh. Huh. All right, everything is over. The important thing now is that you could receive your present quickly. Open to see what it is. Oh. Well. It's the cake that I always wanted to try it one time in my life. It is made by the most talented goblin chefs of Santa Claus. My chefs also used a special formula making the wrapping paper edible. Really wonderful. It's exactly the flavor I could feel in my dreams. Stop. You said that you had eaten it in your dreams. Yes, every Christmas I have been dreaming of tasting this delicious flavor. Could it be? A cleaner took out the wrapping paper that she had collected from Venice's room to compare. Indeed, there are two kinds of wrapping paper were the same. Venus, I understood why you hadn't been able to receive the present, because you ate it while you were sleeping. Ohh. So I thought it's because I was not as beautiful as other flowers, so I hadn't been able to receive the present. I even see your appearance really special. Don't be too timid. Yes, I get it. Thank you so much, Mr. Sanna. Then that year, everyone had a joyful and Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.

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