Christmas Story - Part 2

Pass through the portal back to the human world. The first place they came behind the gate was the North Pole. This place was still surrounded by vast snowfields, unlike the melting Snowball Kingdom. Huh. Is there anyone there help me. It turned out that Santa Claus was inundated with a large pile of gifts. Unable to get out successfully rescuing him, the Prince and Princess earnestly wished for his return. Thank you, but there are too many gifts. If I don't distribute them all before the 24th night, I will have to stay here forever. If we work together now, I guess we'll finish soon. The two teamed up to support him. They worked tirelessly. Thanks to that, Prince Edward suddenly realized that his sweet little lover was actually extremely intelligent and resourceful. They soon found the snow Princess crying at the edge of the forest. She couldn't go home because the children didn't believe that the snow Princess was real. Every year I have a mission to use magic to help the children. Maybe it's because of the incident in the Snowball Kingdom I can't turn into snow anymore. Magic really comes from the heart. Even without magic, we can still help people. With the help of Prince Edward, Princess Valley, and Santa Claus, the Snow Princess created a memorable little party for the kids. They were extremely happy, giving her tender hearts, sincerely believing that she was the legendary Snow Princess. The whole book was busy going back and forth. To be on time before 24 o'clock Princess Ballet was sad. It was just now that Prince Edward was around, was her family and was her home. Hmm. I know I've hurt you a lot. Made the whole Kingdom miserable. After going a long way going through hardships, I realized the meaning of love that I previously overlooked. I know it's very difficult for you to forgive and accept, but Princess, do I still have a chance to be with you and protect you? In a warm, romantic atmosphere, they returned to be side by side with each other. And for returning. The world. But if we don't hurry, we'll be late. Returning to the Snowball Kingdom, the four hurriedly headed to the square, where the customary magical snowfall would take place. Very good. However, you were able to bring Santa and Snow Princess back. But it's useless. No force can oppose me. You probably don't know who I am. I used to belong to the winter world, but unlike those two idiots, I was shunned and it was said that I punished naughty children, the kids just like characters like Santa Claus and Snow Princess. Every Christmas season came there were seats. So many handwritten letters. What about me? I have never received. Her. The Bell signaling letter I always carried with me had never rung once. Even that you can't harm the world, harm everyone. How could you understand my feelings? I also want to be liked to be with everyone, even just someone who could understand me. So either way. If I don't have it, I will destroy it. This gentle and they're all human world will forever lose. Winter. Oh, not how would I don't have. All joined forces to fight Crampas, but to efforts were ineffective. He was indeed too strong. The clock hands on the tower inched closer. People's hearts were choking and they were about to lose their beautiful Kingdom forever. This. So, crampas, I did a very bad thing this year. They say Crampas will take me away. I'm not sending this letter to ask for your forgiveness. I'm just asking you to postpone it for a week. Let me correct my mistake and then you can punish me. Is that OK? Everyone hates crapless, but I don't blame you. You're just doing your job, bad boy. The punishment is deserved. Umm. The whole. At the last moment, Krampus cast a spell to heal the rift in the sky. Oh, oh. Merry Christmas. Everything is back to the way it was in the end. I promise you, from now on, we will never be. We will forever be happy together here, OK? Thanks to you. Thanks to our journey, I also understand many things, Prince. If we want to love to last, we should give the other trust and freedom. We need our own space, dreams and ambitions as long as you always put the person you love in your heart and work hard for each other. When he lit the fire, The Cave was filled with gifts.

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