Sad Story - Part 2

They were suddenly attacked by hundreds of flaming arrows. Maleficent hastily used magic to stop the rain of arrows, but arrows pierced maleficent's body. At this point, the fairies realized these arrows were made of metal, and they hurt Maleficent, and the barrier was disappearing. In a moment of danger, Maleficent saw Stefan, Sloppy covered in wounds, running to her. I'm sorry for what's going on.

What's so? Why is your body full of wounds?

It's because a few days ago, when I spoke of peace between the two kingdoms, the courtiers who flattered my father came to invade the land of the Moors. I tried to stop it, but got caught, and I tried so hard to get out. I I know a safe place for you and the people to hide. Now please follow me.

Maleficent. We can't trust Stefan yet, since this flaming arrows are made entirely of metal, the thing you feared the most, and only Stefan knows about it. He must have something to hide from us.

I really mean well, please believe.

Me Maleficent, stop talking. You are just distrusting Stefan. Moreover, the metal thing is just a coincidence and right now we have to evacuate people immediately. If you don't agree, then stay here.

Ignoring the advice of the fairies, Maleficent decided to lead the people to follow Stefan. However, the path Stefan led them on grew more and more terrifying. When she realized that something was wrong, Maleficent and the others were suddenly hit by a metal trap that made her lose all magic.

Stefan help.

Me. Why should I help you when I have worked so hard to wait for this day to happen and get the magic stone?

Turns out you weren't just like everyone else always wanted to monopolize the Phoenix's magic Stone. I trusted the wrong person.

Maleficent, enraged, tried to rush towards Stefan, but she was knocked back. Not only that, but Stefan also stole maleficence wings and brought them back to the palace as a trophy. Then he was about to use the magic stone to destroy Maleficent and the people of murders when the three fairy friends arrived in time and stopped it. What a bunch of idiots. Do not return to the land of Moors with all your lives. With that, Stefan summoned the dark. Magic of the magic stone and pointed it at Maleficent and the fairies. However, in times of danger, Maleficent took the Gish he once gave her to reverse the magic from the smoke. Maleficent angrily picked up the magic Stone. The stone did not turn pure, but became more and more dark. As it turned out, Maleficent was also being overwhelmed by hatred, gradually losing control and using her strength to destroy Stefan. However, when the power was shot, the fairies flew out to help Stefan.

No, guys. Why are you stopping me from getting revenge from SNAP on? He broke my heart, hurt the people of the Moors, and made you all became like that, Maleficent. We don't want to see you do bad things and we won't regret our actions later because we know you are still in love with Stefan and that is only temporary anger. You are just thinking of destroying someone. Furthermore, our Maleficent is a kind fairy. She will never harm anyone. OK, I blindly believed in this love and lost a beautiful friendship because I followed my feelings without listening to your advices or observing everything myself to have the most objective view. So I causing the situation like today, but for the sake of my friends and the people of the Moors, I will not harm you. You had better go fast and run away before I change my mind.

Hearing Maleficent. Warnings, Stefan and his soldiers ran away, leaving behind Maleficent, who was contemplating watching her close friends and the Moors being ravaged. Just like that, Maleficent gradually became quiet, did not like to socialize with anyone, until one day when all resentments rose up in Maleficent and she transformed into a dark fairy. From there, Alexis built the land of the Moors in the dark and cursed Stefan and his family to never be happy forever.

Why are fairy tales?

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