Rose Story - Part 2

Roses are the trust and life of the Princess at this time. OK, I'll have someone take good care of the garden before you come back. After that, Kevin set out to find the fairy godmother. However, this was known to the Witch, so she quickly cast a spell, creating a lot of traps in Kevin's way. Although Kevin tried to fight back, he was still defeated. While in danger, the creatures that Erika and Kevin had helped the floor with the Fairy Godmother, came to rescue him. After partially controlling the witch and seeing the fairy godmother, Kevin quickly recounted the situation and begged for help. OK, but the flower in your hand is alitas. Can I take a look? Because I can feel the dark energy coming from there. Yes. As the fairy godmother thought, the witches curse was so great that her magic was repelled. However, there was a sound coming from the Rose and the fairy godmother smiled hopefully. Although I can't directly lift Alita's curse, I know how to save the little Princess. Alita was born and blessed with the ability to bring things to life, even plants and animals, so the only thing that can bring her back to life is for Alita. To fight and regain her faith in life. And here is the Magic Pen. It will help you and Alita to find that belief in life again. I understand, thank you very much. The Witch was furious that Kevin was saved by the Fairy godmother, and she remained steadfast in her purse and believed the Princess would wither over time. As for Kevin, on the way back to the palace he encountered a big storm and when he arrived, the Rose Garden was almost completely withered and only one rose remained. Olita. Kevin, you're back. Look, the roses have gradually withered. If it continues to rain tonight and that Rose falls, maybe it's also to mourn my passing. No, Aleida, don't think like that. I, and all people, creatures and animals are still wishing you a speedy recovery so you and they can laugh together. So please stay positive. However, although Alita was moved a little when she heard the words of encouragement, perhaps that was not enough for her. Kevin could only suffer helplessly sitting beside her and looking at the stormy sky. That night, a Thunder clap woke Kevin up and Elida was in a nightmare. Kevin looked at the Rose in panic, trying to withstand the storm, and suddenly the Magic Pen in his body lit up as if it wanted him to use it. Suddenly, he thought of using a magic pen to draw a rose hanging in front of the window to help Alida have more motivation to live. However, as soon as the flower was painted, a miracle flashed, turning the flower into a beautiful flower. And bringing the warm morning sun to shine everywhere. At that time, the Princess also woke up and saw the last magical rose still shining after the rainstorm. Kevin after that storm that Rose is still so resilient to survive. That's right. That's the power of believing in the miracles of life, Alita. If even that little spirit has the strength to endure hardships, then I will also try to fight the deceased and move on. Gradually's health seemed to be restored and happily stick to Kevin like in the old days. Especially when the Princess touched that magical rose, the whole Rose Garden suddenly lit up and became blush. This flower has magic. Why is that? It's due to the miracle of this magic pen. After that, Kevin told Elida the whole stormy day story. I hope you won't blame me for hiding this from you, but that's what I can do to help you have the same faith in life as before I go. Through all this, I have come to understand how important optimism and positive thinking are in life. Thank you for sacrificing so much for me. In the end, Alita happily hugged Kevin because of the good things he did for her. In particular, Alito's parents also understood the sincerity of their love and decided to give the couple a wedding reward. And then Alita and Kevin's happy wedding finally took place with the blessings of the people of the Kingdom.

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