Princess Story - Part 2

The arrow was once again unable to control her power, which caused problems for Viva.
Sorry, I didn't need to. It's OK. I'm fine. Besides, I find your power very interesting and useful. Really. No one ever said that to me. Everyone says I can only cause trouble. It's OK. It's probably just because you're always in a negative mood that there's a problem with controlling magic. So when we can neutralize this dark smoke. Let's practice together.


After resting, they continued on their way and then they came to a haunted wooden house without knowing where all the smoke was coming out. While bewildered as to what happened, the two girls heard a sly call.

Why are you standing there? Two pieces of my man, those who carry the power of life and death that I have been searching for all this time.

Entering the house, they saw a witch warmly welcoming them with open arms.

You know us. Besides, why is this place spreading those dark smoke? Of course, since the magic you possess isn't mine. Before, I spent a lot of effort to practice this two types of magic to rule Wonderland. One type is life magic, which helps me to revive the dark forces and the other has the ability to destroy all. However, when I was about to combine those powers, I encountered a fairy who interrupted causing my magic to be scattered and I was also sealed in this pudding house. It took me a long time to create this dark smoke to call the two sources of. Back to my side. And now that you're here, give me back the magic now it cannot be. Even if I have to keep the dark magic for the rest of my life, I can't let you have the power to harm innocent people in the Kingdom era. Let's go. But if I still keep this magic, it will make me even more unlucky and get rejected by others. It's not like that era. We'll help each other control magic. What nonsense are you talking about? Once you entered here, you'll have to give me the magic, whether you like it or not.

After saying that, the witch immediately attacked Viva to take away the source of her power. However, Viva still managed to resist and escape the Witch's control. Just when the witch was about to continue to strike at Viva, era stood up to stop.

Her please take my death magic and spare Viva. She won't be able to withstand the attack again. Don't do that, era. Our Kingdom will be destroyed. Whoever comes first is fine, because I'll get both sources of magic. Back anyway.

After that, the witch quickly caught era and sucked her power immediately. Era flared up with magical flames around her. However, since ERA couldn't control her own magic, she was easily countered by the Witch. Huh. You idiots dared to go against me in your dream? The witch got angry, cast a spell catching both Viva and era, and laughed happily. Besides, almost all of the power I've drawn from both of you here is enough for me to destroy this place. Sorry for not being able to save you. It's OK. At least you tried your best and regained confidence in yourself to use magic to protect everyone. I'm so proud of you. Although we are in a weak position, I am sure both will still win if there is enough faith. Do you agree? And and the two passed the last spells to each other in hopes of fighting to the end. And it was the faith, solidarity and empathy of the two that helped them gain synergy, repelling the witches attack. What happened? No. In the end, under the combined force of Viva and Ara, they won and caused the Witch to disappear. Delete it. Finally, I have come to understand that each type of magic has its pros and cons. Just believe in yourself and try to think positively. Everything will get better, that's right. So let's unite together and discover more magic in the future.

Afterward, Viva happily embraced Ara and happiness and took her back to her Kingdom. Since then, Viva and Era had always helped everyone in the Kingdom and they became good friends forever. Why are fairy tales?

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