Moonlight Story - Part 2


I have to meet Pluto again. After that, Venus agreed with the God. She was. Transformed into an old. Form. Before reaching the human world. However, when she arrived. Venus saw Pluto hand in hand, holding a ring with someone else. Why are you holding hands with someone else? I don't believe it. It's not like. That when Venus tried to chase Pluto, her strength was too weak to chase and she fell. While Venus was in despair, her parents also discovered that she had left the capsule and they reached her place. Venus, why are you so stupid? I told you, humans are easily changeable, not worthy of us. Your current situation is too weak for lack of magic. If you continue like this, you'll be gone in a few hours. Parents, did you know that I gave the chance to Pluto to save someone's life? We need to make huge sacrifices of magic, even all magic. And when we s

ee your health like this, we know the story behind it. So get back the water gem from Pluto to restore magic right away, because he cheated and didn't love you anymore. Even though Venus couldn't believe what was in front of her, she still hesitated when she reached Pluto's room. Looking at Pluto's figure, she knew that her parents were very worried about her, but she did not have the heart to harm the man she loved. I'm sorry parents. In my heart, Pluto is still a good person to everyone, so I accept to disappear into smoke for my lover. I ask you to accept this prayer. Because they loved their daughter so much, Venus's parents couldn't do anything but just watch their child fulfill their last wish, however, just as Venus was about. Believe. Someone grabbed her hand. Venus, you just came. Where are you going? Your face. You recognize me? No. I don't know what happened to you. No matter what form you are in, I still recognize you. Besides, I'm waiting for you to return to give you the engagement ring. Which I had the jeweler make my own here, realizing that everything was just a misunderstanding. Venus was emotional and burst into tears, but it was also at the same time that she was slowly disappearing. Why? Why are you disappearing? Because she loves you so much. My daughter does not have the heart to take back the water gem from you to maintain your life. And she is willing to sacrifice her life for your health. Is that true? If so, you have to take back the gem. I can't let you sacrifice for me. No. Originally, I had always wanted to fulfill everyone's wishes, no matter how difficult it was. Therefore, I accepted to exchange my life to help people be happy and have a wise Prince. Unable to change Venus's mind, Pluto hesitantly accepted it. However, he silently put the magic into Venus's wine glass and gave it to her. Then you wouldn't mind to drink with me the last glass of wine. OK. When Venus finished drinking her glass of wine, she suddenly returned to her previous beautiful form and realized that Pluto had intentionally done it to save her life. Venus tried to use magic to save Pluto, but once the gem disappeared, there would be nothing to sustain him. At that time, witnessing the beautiful love of Venus and Pluto, Venus's parents accepted to give up a part of their power to infuse Pluto and save his life. Finally, I have understood the love of you 2. Even though you have different backgrounds but still try to overcome challenges and make sacrifices for each other. So consider this as a gift that we give to the two of you. Since then, with the magic given by Venus's parents, Pluto also became a God and lived happily ever after with Venus and the people. Why fairy tales?

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