Love Story - Part 2

As it turned out, Hades and the Moray sisters had been conspiring with each other to plan to lure Hercules here and take away his power through magical threats. In return, the Moray Sisters would have Hercules as their minion. However, they did not have the time to rejoice for long when Hades broke his promise, fraudulently disrupted the plan between the two sides, and trapped Hercules in his power. Hades, we have already helped you get the power of Hercules. Why are you so greedy to take Hercules for your own? You want to go against our exchange?


Sorry my ladies, I need Hercules body to prove to all gods and mortals how I have defeated their hero Hercules. Moreover, my brother Zeus will understand that no matter how much he hides and protects Hercules, he will still be captured by me.

No, you can't do that to us. Unfortunately, there are no documents or contracts for this exchange, so we don't have to follow exactly to each other.

Well, if you don't give us Hercules, we'll take him for ourselves. Let's do it then. The angry Moray Sisters attacked Haiti to get Hercules in the stone bath. However, their opponent was Hades, so things could not go as easily as the Murray Sisters wanted. Even when perches escaped the magic of the Moray sisters and fought against Hades, all of them could not defeat him. Locked inside the stone, Hercules and Medusa, although they did not have much strength, they did not let Hades defeat one another. They tried to find a way out. Hercules realized that when he and Medusa rioted inside the stone, it would affect Haiti's power, so he continued to attack even more.Muscles. They're gone. Perseus, take Katie down now. Taking the opportunity of hades's power. And disturbed her. She slashed him with a divine sword, causing hates to lose momentum and sell. The stone was also cracked, which indirectly helping Hercules and Medusa to be free. Is everyone OK? Been fine. Watch out. 80S was angry, determined not to give in to his enemies anymore. He continued to inflict dangerous blows on them. Well, now you're all controlled. Raise your hands and surrender. Never. Then become my slave souls. Nothing.

From the ruins, the real supreme God of Thunder, Zeus, appeared and came forward to protect his loved ones.

Is that you? Long time no see, but yes. Still a good huh? But today you're here too, to stop the bad thing you're doing to my kids. Nope, I'm just joking with the kids. I don't mean to cause harm.

Not letting Hades finish his sentence, Zeus continued to attack him. However, with the power of the stone, Haiti did not hesitate to show off his magic. However, the crack of the stone had somewhat affected his train. In order to avoid wasting his strength as well as prepare for the upcoming surprises, Katie temporarily withdrew. And waited for the day of taking revenge. After Heidi's disappeared twice went to see his kids and helped Medusa soul get into her body. Huh. You are, yes, I am your real father, Zeus. But right now I can't tell you why I'm here. Quick, take a look at Medusa's condition. Although Medusa's soul has been incarnated, she is still very weak as she received a fatal blow from Hades just now. I think her life has come to an end. So what should we do?

If everyone wants to make a deal, we'll help. But Hercules has to trade the demigods immortal soul for us. So how will Hercules decide? Let's watch with Woa fairy tales in the next episode. Why fairy tales?

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