Light Story - Part 2

Vanathai Pola
Excuse me, could you let me know?

It's all annoying. I cannot sleep. Lilith thought for a moment, and then realized that the God was angry because his sleep was interrupted. So she sang a melodious song to calm the God's mood. Little fairy, I did not expect you to have such a beautiful and resonant voice.

Yes, this is just a little bit of my talent. I think it has nothing special.

The melody of your music is also a rare advantage. I believe it will help you more in the future, and I hope in the future I can still hear your voice echoing again. Now hurry to get in and find the eternal light.

Thank you qvery much.

The God gradually calms down, smiled with satisfaction, and opened the way for Lilith to enter the waterfall before continuing to sleep. As Lilith flew into The Cave, she saw the eternal light in the distance. Excuse me, could you let me know?

Who are you? Let me.

Out as it turned out, it was the God Fox, the guardian of the eternal light and the shadow of the left saw during the last ceremony. But this time, the God Fox did not appear to be as happy as the first time they met, but was extremely angry when he learned that someone had taken its eternal light. Lilith tried to intervene, but the God Fox used magic to blow her away. At that time, she accidentally touched the crystal flowers in The Cave, causing them to make funny sounds when he heard the music. Suddenly, the fox God began to calm down and swayed to the tune.

That's right the first time. The fox also heard my voice, and he excitedly danced along then.

Lilith began to hover around, trying to make sounds on the flowers to calm the fox. Finally, the God Fox regained his joy and went to Lilith's place.

So you like my music? Then I will play more music for you if you release my friend.

Upon hearing Lilith's suggestion, the fox God nodded and released Sarah. And at the same time gave her the eternal light of the magic.

Orb Lily you have proven your change and maturity through your journey to find the eternal light. From the ability to observe and understand to the confidence and courage to overcome fear, you have performed very well. You were even tolerant of your opponents, therefore you are the most worthy. Candidate for the throne of the next queen. Thank you for trusting me. I have also gradually realized my abilities and will continue to confidently develop them in the future.

But after the eternal light entered the orb. Sarah quickly used magic to attack Lilith and flew to steal the Magic Orb of Light.

Well, even if the magic orb of Light doesn't choose me as its successor, I'll take them down so no one knows about this secret.

Having the ultimate power in hand, Sarah fired magic at Lilith. The Fox God tried to resist but was defeated. Finally, when Sarah was about to deal a final blow to fillet, the fox God hurriedly covered the blow for Lilith to get the chance to regain the magic Orb of light. Lilith quickly retrieved the orb and used the power flowing through her body. She defeat Sarah. After that, Lilith hurriedly got to the fox God, but the foxes body gradually disappeared. It seemed that the fox God was gone forever, but it turned into light magic ball spirit to protect Lilith. Lilith happily embraced the Fox's spirit. With the magic ball of light in her arms. After that, she and the Fox took Sarah back to the forest and told the whole story.

The Magic Ball of light is always right when choosing the next queen, so I believe your ability will continue to grow and you are worth this position. I will also try my best to fulfill my responsibilities.

Witnessing Willits progress, the people of the forest also happily blessed her. From then, Lilith became the new queen and established a period of prosperity for the forest.


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