Life Story - Part 2

Princess, it's most likely due to your costume. If there is a next time, please don't call yourself a Princess. That will bring us trouble and you won't be allowed to go out anymore. Oh, OK, I see. I didn't think it through. After that, the Princess often escaped and every time it was Nathan taking her out. The love between the two also gradually developed during that time. However, once when she returned home, she was caught by the king. The king was very angry because his daughter tried to escape. Witnessing these things, Nathan also discovered that the person he secretly loved was the real Princess. The King and his daughter argued with each other on the way back to the King's Conference room. Here, a Prince of a neighboring country was waiting Prince Joseph.

Crystal Prince Joseph has come all the way here topyppl propose to you
Propose that I would like to refuse.

Crystal, you are old enough to get married. Stop being stubborn.

No, I've already had someone else in my heart. Unexpectedly, Princess Crystal's backlash created a beautiful and fully miracle. To the King and Joseph astonishment, Crystal found herself having a special difference, just like her sister Lena. The king, fearing the news that Crystal had ice powers spread outside, immediately ordered the castle to be closed, locking crystal in a private room. Huh. Soon, despite the King's efforts to block the news, rumors about Princess Crystal being an ice witch kept spreading, sending the people into chaos.

Impossible. She was the one who throws this river. What should I do to help or revenge?

Back with Crystal locked in her room, she figured it all out since her nine year old birthday. Those strange phenomena. Then the frozen river surfaced. For more than 10 years, the events of Nathan's family were all caused by her. Huh.

Princess crystal.


The situation outside is very chaotic because of a rumor.


The king told me that in order to avoid making things worse, I will take you out of the Kingdom for a while, wait for things to calm down, and then come back. Princess, I heard that on the other side of the Kingdom, deep in the Forbidden Forest, there is a person who can help you lift that icy curse.

Are you sure?

That's what my henchman said. At least we have a glimmer of hope.

Let's go buy this guys Princess Crystal wrap through the crowd and notice, however, she didn't know that she was trapped.

Everyone. The crystal witches here, she wants to run away.

People tried to surround her, intending to attack her, but were immediately stopped by a wall of ice. In the face of the onslaught of the villagers, Princess Crystal still noticed a familiar.

Figure everyone calmed down. Listen to me. That boy is Nathan, the old fisherman's son.

Wasn't the river frozen that made his house become poor?

Everyone probably knows what my family. Situation is from a family living by fishing suddenly became exhausted and everyone knows when the incidents happened. Wasn't she only nine years old at the time? Even among us, none of us know that she's the real cause, but we still believe that it's because of Princess Lina.

So what?

Since then, has she become dangerous or not? Of course not, because she didn't know she had such power, and she certainly didn't mean to harm anyone. Perhaps when she discovered that she herself was the cause of everyone's hunger, the Princess was the one who felt the most confused. She was in the moments that were easy to collapse. I affirmed that with an honest person like crystal, she will surely be able to change everything for the better.

The princesses kiss filled with happiness brought a miracle. However, seeing what just happened was completely opposite of what Joseph had helped related. He was very angry.

How could you easily believe those excuses? Apparently she pushed the Kingdom to the brink like that. How can we forgive her? What do you want? Want to divide us in your dream?

We're not so bad. It's you. Your majesty.

Joseph, I didn't expect you to be so cunning. I've arranged the wedding in vain. Soldiers grab him and throw him in the dungeon. Umm.


Crystal it's all my fault. I made the wrong decision and I almost lost my last loved.

One's father standing in front of such a touching scene. No one can hold back, but everything was cleared up and back to the way it was. But no. I'm mysterious figure all here. Adele, I'm back already. Why are fairy tales?

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