Bedtime Story - Part 2

Pandavar Illam
I know that you won't believe me, so I have this thing you need to see.

To prove it, Kendra took out a globe and let her see the things inside a globe. After seeing the images inside a globe, Selena was so angry that she immediately went back to find Sarah.

Sweetheart, where have you been? I've been searching for you. Don't pretend to love me. Say it is that you heard my mother. What are you talking about? Who told you this untrue story? Huh. Oh my God, Selena, where did you get this story? My mom, Sarah, would never do that bad thing. You're on the same side. I saw all the evidences from Cadra. I will never believe your lies. I hate you.

After unloading her anger, Selena quickly left, despite the intervention of her foster mother and her sister.

The thing I worried about finally comes. Kedra is back. Maybe she's controlling Selena. I'm really worried for her. We need to find her. Helen.

Sarah and Helen was searching for Selena everywhere, but they could find her nowhere. So they had to go back to the palace and think about the way to save Selena.

Since I was a kid, people have always stayed away from me. No one wanted to be my friend. Even my sister did the same. She chose to believe the wicked Sarah, but not me. Maybe you are the one who understands me the most. Little Princess, don't be sad. I will always be here by your side, but you're supposed to sit here watching them keep on doing evil things. We have to take revenge for Queen Gloria as well as prove that you're stronger than your sister. You're right. I have to stand up and fight for the justice of my mother. The wicked one will have to pay the price.

Walk to walk together with Kendra. She went to the palace to fight against her foster mom and her sister. At that time, Sarah and Helen had to go out and fight. Sarah held off Kendra and Helen had to fight against her sister, killing.

Selena, wake up. Don't let the wicked one fool you. You are the one who were fooled. Sarah has been tricking you so far. On.

The fight was really tense. Sarah got injured by Kendrick Howard attack.

Helen, be careful. Try not to hurt her sister.

Seeing the foster mother injured, Helen was really worried, even when Selena was crazily.


Helen still tried to rush there and held her hand side. At that very moment, their necklaces shown and combined with each other. An aura covered Selena, breaking the dark magic on her body.

Oh my God, why am I here? What is this fight? You were tricked and controlled by Kedra. Fortunately, she is no longer able to control you anymore. We have to save Sarah immediately.

Hearing what her sister told her, Selena was really regretful and angry with Kendra. Together, the two sisters fought against Kendra. Seeing that, Kendra rushed there to take Sarah as a hostage. Then the two sisters didn't dare to attack. Cancer immediately used her magic to attack her. When seeing their princesses in danger, the fairies rushed there to cover. Then they all got injured and collapsed. While being worried for their mother, the two sisters came up with an idea. Selena, through ice raised to tie her leg, she couldn't escape. Helen controlled the fire to attack her hand, making her dead off Sarah and change. The two sisters quickly rescued their mother and together they defeated Kendra, making her vanish into dust.


The fight ended. Selena and Helen rushed there to raise their mother up. Together, they casted a spell to cure their mother.

Mom. Sister, I'm sorry for causing you many troubles just because of my selfishness. I thought that everyone had been so partial to Helen, so I was easily controlled by kedra. That's all my fault. They won't blame you because you were too shy. Everyone was afraid that you would feel comfortable, so they avoided talking to you. But they all love you. Yes, sweetheart. I also want to be open with everyone. They all love you.

Selena followed their words. She was open and talked more to others. She also had more friends. Sarah also gave the Kingdom back to the two sisters. Under the rule of the two Queens, the fairies lived peacefully and happily forever after. Why are fairy tales?

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